Simple manual for users

Created: 2022/09/13

1. Introduction

This content is for those who are using a custom lightsaber for the first time. Describes the accessories, how to connect the blade, and how to charge.

2. Description of accessories

This section describes the accessories.

Depending on the manufacturer, some items are included and some are not.

① Hex wrench (or driver)/fixing screw

Screws and fixing jig for fixing the lightsaber and blade.

②Blade (Neopixel Blade)

It can emit light by connecting it with a lightsaber.

②Blade plug

A decorative item that can be worn in place of a blade.

Comes with the higher models of 89SABERS, ELF SABERS, and LGT SABERS.

③Acrylic stand (saver stand)

A stand that can be used to display lightsabers. A stand is included with some 89SABERS and LGT SABERS models.

④Charger/charging cable

A charging cable or charger depending on the charging method is included.

Please refer to item 3 for charging method.

⑤String case

This is a storage case that comes with the lightsaber made by 89SABERS. It has the role of preventing scratches. It does not have impact resistance.

3. How to connect the blade

Use the included hex wrench to connect the lightsaber to the blade.

neopixel blade

*For blades with protective caps and wrappings as shown above, please remove them before use.

Attach the blade with the blade fixing screw on the emitter (blade attachment port) loosened.

Attach the blade. After installing the blade, tighten the blade fixing screw to fix the blade.

4. About charging method

There are two main ways to charge a lightsaber.

①Port method (USBType-C method or charge port method)

As shown above, this method charges from the charging port. This method is used for lightsabers whose batteries cannot be removed.

Please charge using the included cable. A USB power supply is not included, so please use the one you have.

Power supply confirmed to work: Amazon | Anker PowerPort 2 Elite

②Removable battery method

As the name suggests, this is a charging method in which the battery is removed and charged.

Continuous use is possible by replacing it with a spare battery.