How to attach the ELF G4 carabiner

1.First of all

G4's carabiner and pommel parts are shipped without being attached.

This page describes the installation procedure.

2. Complete set of parts

  • Carabiner x 1
  • Screw x 2
  • Pommel fixing parts x 1


3. Carabiner installation procedure

Step 1

Remove the pommel parts from the saver.

pommel parts

Step 2

Pass the pommel fixing part through the inside of the carabiner.

The side of the carabiner that has a polished flat tip should be the saver side.



Step 3

Fix the pommel fixing parts + carabiner created in step 2 to the pommel.

Align the screw positions and secure using the included Phillips screws from the inside of the pommel.

screw fixing

Step 4

Installation completed.