CustomLightSaber Install

About lightsaber installation

This is a service that creates a custom lightsaber specifically tailored to the customer's requests.

Please contact us using the inquiry form below. We usually respond within 1-2 business days.

When making an inquiry, we would appreciate it if you could fill in the information below. If you are unsure about anything, you can leave it blank.

[①Target Hilt/or model]

Please fill in the target Hilt information. Hilt customers can also provide it.
Alternatively, information such as the model used by whom in which scene is fine. We will make a suggestion.

Please note that some hilts may not be currently available depending on the model.

[②Sound board]

Please choose from ①CFX, ②Proffieboard2.2, ③GHV3.

Please contact us for other boards.

[③LED type]

Please choose from ①Neopixel (*1) or ②Inhild LED (*2).

We recommend the neopixel type.

*1 Neopixel is the current mainstream method and is a method that emits light from the root to the tip of the blade when activated. Although various lighting patterns can be set, it consumes a lot of battery power, so it is not suitable for long-term use. As a guide, continuous use is approximately 30 minutes.
*2 In-hilt LED is a method that causes the blade to emit light using LEDs installed inside the hilt. Compared to Neopixel, the amount of light is inferior and the method of emitting light is limited to simple ones, but it can be used for a long time because it consumes less battery.


If you have any other requests, please write them down.

You can see examples of past installation works below.

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