How to use XenoPixel V2

Last updated: 2023/03/16 

Product list of models equipped with XenoPixel

XENOPIXEL custom lightsaber list | SYBERSABERS


Please check the page regarding precautions before using.


■About annotations and action images

Click: Press the button and immediately release it.

Hold: Press and hold the button.

Twist: Rotate the button approximately 90 degrees to the left or right and then return it.

Stub: Performs a thrusting motion with the blade horizontal.

Motion image diagram (*Reference source: FETT263)

This content is a manual for firmware version DD08 (latest version January 2023). Operations may differ slightly depending on the version. Please note.

For models without button LED, please judge by the length of press. The blinking timing of the switch LED is 0.5 seconds.

Example) Release the button when the LED flashes 3 times. →Release the button approximately 1.5 seconds after pressing it.


XenoPixel Manual

How to use a custom lightsaber
How to use XenoPixel
The activation method of the above motion ON/OFF function can be changed by changing the settings.
Please see below for how to change XenoPixel settings.
XENOPIXEL Custom Lightsaber Setting Manual
Please see below for V3.
XENOPIXEL V3 Custom Lightsaber Manual