About custom savers

Are there any precautions I should take when using it?

A custom lightsaber is a toy that can be played with safely and for a long time if you follow the instructions and precautions carefully.
When using it for the first time, please check the following page and use it safely and correctly.

Precautions for use

Can it be used for chambara (battle)?

Our custom saver blades are made of polycarbonate material (reinforced plastic), so they can also be used for chambara. Polycarbonate is said to be 200 times stronger than glass and 50 times stronger than acrylic, so it will not break unless it is hit with considerable force.

Spare blade: Polycarbonate blade for custom lightsaber

When performing Chanbara, we recommend that you wear protective equipment to prevent injury.
Please take appropriate safety measures such as gloves, body armor, face mask, and helmet.
In addition, our store is not responsible for any injuries caused by sword fighting, chanbara, etc.
*Damage or loss of blades, hilts, or other accessories caused by chambara is not covered by the warranty.

What is a neopixel lightsaber?

The light emission method with NeoPixel indicates that it is a model that is lit by an LED installed inside the blade, unlike the conventional model that had an LED built in inside the blade (in-hilt type). means.
This not only brightens the entire blade evenly, but also allows for realistic blade effects. Effects such as a lightsaber igniting from the base to the tip, and melt, stub, and drag effects in which only the tip of the blade glows in a different color are only possible with this neopixel.
You can check the list of neopixel model lightsabers below.

Please tell me the characteristics of the Neopixel and Inhilt LED models.

The Neopixel model is equipped with an LED on the blade side. It emits bright and even light from the root to the tip.
The light emission pattern is controlled by the LED installed inside the blade, making it possible to create complex blade effects.
On the other hand, the drawback is that it consumes a lot of battery power. If you use the Neopixel model continuously for more than 30 minutes, we recommend replacing it with a spare battery.

The Inhilt LED model is a model with an LED mounted on the Hilt side like a flashlight.
The brightness near the base of the blade is comparable to the Neopixel model, but the light intensity decreases towards the tip of the blade. (The light may be uneven)

Compared to the Neopixel model, the lighting method is simpler, but it is reasonably priced and the blade is light, making it easy to use in battle and suitable for long periods of use.

Please tell me how long it takes to complete charging.

It takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge an empty battery, depending on the power source, cable, and charger specifications.

In particular, neopixel model lightsabers consume a lot of battery power and need to be charged after approximately 30 minutes of continuous use.

If your model supports charging with a removable battery (remove the battery), you can use it continuously by rotating it with a spare battery.

Spare battery: battery

I would like you to provide the Proffieboard config file.

For Proffieboard models, the configuration file is saved on SD before delivery.

I want to know the number of registered fonts (sound sources)

The Inhilt LED class is shipped with 12 types , the XenoPixel (XENO3) class is shipped with approximately 40 types , and the Profieboard class is shipped with approximately 25 types of sound sources.
* Information as of December 2023. Contents may change depending on shipping time.

Does the Proffieboard model require initial settings?

It is shipped pre-configured, so no initial settings are required on your part.
It is said that the initial settings and settings changes are difficult among custom saver boards, but since it is shipped pre-configured, you can enjoy the latest features immediately upon arrival.
Please refer to the page below for operating instructions.

[Proffieboard2.2] Custom lightsaber operation manual

I want a saver with as much volume as possible.

Generally, the larger the speaker size, the more powerful the sound you can enjoy.
We recommend a model equipped with 28mm speakers.

I would like the motion ON/OFF function (or some functions) to be disabled before shipping.

Please fill in the notes section when ordering and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
However, please note that the information entered in the notes column is not guaranteed.
We may not be able to support it due to board or software specifications, or for other reasons.

Can I order an empty Saberhilt?

Except for some models, empty hilts (not installed) are available.
Basically, it will be made to order, so it will take about 3 weeks.
If you are interested, please let us know the product you are interested in.

Is there a target age for custom lightsabers?

From the viewpoint of correct handling and maintenance, safety measures during use, and awareness of dangers, the target age is 14 years or older.