Basic manual | How to use and accessories

1.First of all

This content is for those who are planning to use custom lightsabers.
This includes an explanation of the accessories, how to connect the blade, and how to charge the saber.

2. Product accessories

The contents of the accessories vary depending on the manufacturer and product.
For details, please refer to each product page.


The blade is made of polycarbonate material.
There are blades for Neopixels with LEDs inside and hollow blades for Infiltrated LEDs, and they come in two thicknesses: the standard 1 inch (2.54 cm wide) type and the slightly thinner 7/8 inch (2.22 cm wide) type.


2.2. Blade plug

This is an accessory that is attached to the hilt when the blade is removed.
It serves the purpose of blocking the light coming out of the lightsaber's hilt, and is also useful for displaying the saber as a decorative item.


2.3. Blade fixing screw and fixing wrench

This screw is used to secure the blade (blade plug) to the hilt.
Many models use hex-type screws which do not spoil the appearance of the hilt.

Blade fixing screw

2.4. Acrylic display stand

A stand for storing and displaying custom lightsabers.
It is made of highly transparent acrylic material. The design of the stand included varies depending on the manufacturer and product.

Saver Stand

2.5. Micro SD Card Reader

Comes with LGT SABERS XenoPixel and XENO3 products.

You can access the microSD card by removing it from the saver and connecting it to a computer. This is used to change the saver settings.

SD card reader

2.6. Charging cable (or charger)

A charging cable (or charger) appropriate for the charging method is included.
For charging instructions, please refer to the Charging Instructions section.


2.7. String Case

This is a storage bag for the saber that comes with the 89SABERS lightsaber.
It helps prevent scratches when carrying the device.


3. How to attach the blade

3.1. Installation method

There are screw holes for fixing the blade near the blade attachment port.

After attaching the blade, tighten the screw to secure the blade in place.
On some models, part of the hilt molding acts as a fixing screw.

*If the blade has a protective cap or wrapping, remove it before installing.

Blade Fixing Method

4. Charging method

4.1. Removable battery method

This is the most popular charging method in which the battery is removed and charged.

It is compatible with Neopixel model lightsabers that consume a lot of battery, and can be used continuously by rotating with a spare battery. When attaching the battery to the saber after charging, be careful not to mistake the battery polarity.

Removable battery system

4.2. Type-C method

This is a charging method that uses the USB Type-C connector standard that is also used in smartphones, tablets, and computers.

For XenoPixel (XENO3) and built-in LED models, when you connect it to the port you will hear a voice say "Charging", and when charging is complete you will hear a voice say "Ready".

Charging the Lightsaber

The Proffieboard model does not have a voice notification function, so the LED near the charging port will light up red or green.
A red light indicates charging and a green light indicates charging is complete.


Figure. LGT Proffieboard model (red LED during charging)

Charging complete

Figure. LGT Proffieboard model (green LED when charging is complete)

4.3. Charge port system

This is a charging method that uses a 2.1mm (or 1.3mm) DC plug.

It is mainly used in models where the battery cannot be removed.
For XenoPixel (XENO3) and built-in LED models, when you connect it to the port you will hear a voice say "Charging", and when charging is complete you will hear a voice say "Ready".

Charge Port

4.4. Type-C method (integrated chassis)

This is a charging method similar to the Type-C method, but this model has the charging port on the chassis side instead of the hilt side.

It is used in high-end models made by LGT SABERS.

When charging, please set the kill switch to the ON position .

Figure. Kill switch

Figure. Charging port (Type-C)

Note: USB power supply is not included, please use your own.

Recommended power supply that has been confirmed to work: Amazon | Anker PowerPort 2 Elite

6. Operation Method

The operation method varies depending on the circuit board installed in the custom lightsaber.
Please refer to the following page according to your specifications.

■How to operate the built-in LED model

■How to operate the XenoPixel model

■How to operate the XENO3 model

■How to operate the Proffieboard2.2 model

■How to operate the GHV3 model

Products equipped with a kill switch are shipped with the kill switch set to OFF to prevent accidental activation during shipping. Set the kill switch to ON to enable use.

7. Notes

7.1. Precautions for use and handling of lithium-ion batteries

Custom lightsabers can be used safely and for a long time if you follow the usage instructions and precautions carefully. Please be sure to check the following page and use it safely and correctly.

■Precautions for use

8. Contact and Support

If you have any questions about the product or its contents, please contact us using the information below.
We will usually reply to your email address within 2 business days.

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