[ProffieOS5.9] Proffieboard model operation method and precautions

Model with Proffieboard2.2 (ProffieOS5.9)

important point:

  • Do not attach a blade of a different size, such as 7/8 inch, to a lightsaber that is compatible with a 1 inch blade.
  • When charging, please do not use anything other than a lithium-ion charger.
  • When changing Proffieboard settings, please set the volume status upper limit to 2000. If the output exceeds the upper limit, the speaker may be damaged.
  • Although the chassis is made of reinforced plastic, be sure to attach the grip part when using it. If you swing the chassis around without attaching the grip, it may be damaged.
  • When inserting the battery into the lightsaber's battery case, be careful of the positive and negative polarity of the battery . If the polarity is incorrect, a reverse current will flow to the board and damage the board.
  • The Neopixel model consumes more battery power than the Inhilt LED model, so we recommend charging it after using it for more than 30 minutes.
  • Please charge with a USB charger up to 5V2A (5V500mA, 5V1A is also possible). Please refrain from using rapid USB chargers of 2A or higher as they have not been tested.
  • Avoid touching the neopixel pin on the lightsaber side with metal objects. There is a risk of short circuit and malfunction.
  • Please refrain from using (activating) the lightsaber while it is charging.

This manual is compatible with ProffieOS5.9 (latest version as of 2021/07/30).

*Updated on 2022/02/18!

■About annotations and action images

PWR : Start switch

AUX : Auxiliary switch

Short click: Press the switch and immediately release it.

Double-click: Quickly short-click the switch twice .

Middle click: Press and release the switch for about 1 second.

Long click... Press and release the switch for about 2 seconds.

Hold: Hold down the switch until the specified sound effect is heard.

Twist: Rotate the hilt about 90 degrees to the left or right and then return it.

Motion image diagram (*Reference source: FETT263)

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