[Proffieboard2.2] Setting changes and manual updates

The manual has been updated due to changes in saver settings for Profieboard.

We have made changes to the occurrence and occurrence conditions of some functions that have received many inquiries.

Proffieboard2.2 Custom Lightsaber Operation Manual

■Changes regarding operation methods and functions

2 button model

- The preset copy function has been disabled.

-We have made changes so that the BGM playback and stop functions do not occur while the saver is running.

-Added changes to prevent the force sound that occurs when switching battle modes.

- Changed the saver stop (OFF) operation from PWR hold to PWR click.

- Force push will now occur regardless of battle mode.

1 button model

No changes.

This setting will be applied to products shipped after December 5, 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact us at info@sybersabers.com.

Past manuals can be found below.

[ProffieOS6.7]Proffieboard model manual (settings before 22/12/05)

[ProffieOS5.9]Proffieboard model manual

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