About the 89SABERS chassis

This page describes how to connect the connector-type chassis that has been implemented in 89SABERS products since around 2022.

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How to connect the connector

When installing the chassis, check the free connector (without pins) on the chassis side and the free connector on the hilt side, and make sure that their positions match.

Figure 1. Chassis side

Figure 2. Hilt side

Chassis structure

The chassis is equipped with a kill switch, various buttons (PWR, AUX), and LEDs.

The kill switch cuts off the current from the battery to the board. It is useful when not using the device for a long period of time, when rebooting the device, or when preventing unintended operation.

The kill switch is set to OFF at the time of shipment to prevent accidental activation during transport. Please set it to ON when using the device.

It also helps reduce battery consumption when the device is idle , so we recommend keeping the kill switch in the OFF position if the device will not be used for an extended period of time.

Figure 3. Kill switch


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