About the 89SABERS chassis

This page describes how to connect the connector type chassis that will be implemented in 89SABERS products from the latter half of 2021.

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About how to connect the connector

When installing the chassis, check the empty connector (no pin) on the chassis side and the empty connector on the hilt side, and make sure that the positions match.


Figure 1. Chassis side


Figure 2. Hilt side

About chassis structure

The chassis is equipped with a kill switch, various buttons (PWR, AUX), and LED.

A kill switch cuts off the current flowing from the battery to the board, and is useful when storing the device for a long time, restarting it, or preventing unintended operation.

The kill switch is set to OFF at the time of shipment to prevent accidental activation during transportation, so please set it to ON when using the product.

We also recommend that you turn the kill switch to the OFF side if the product will not be used for a long time.


Figure 3. Kill switch


Figure 4. Chassis side button


89SABERS product list

89SABERS product list

89SABERS Operation Manual (Proffieboard2.2 Operation Manual)

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