[XenoPixel V2] Settings change manual

XENOPIXEL V2 Customization Manual (DD08 compatible)

important point:

We cannot guarantee any problems caused by changing the settings or problems caused by changing the settings, so please deal with them at your own risk.

1) Introduction

To change settings, you need to remove the SD card from the board and read it with a PC.

When you read it, you will see a configuration like the one below, so click on the "set" folder inside.

Xenopixel settings change

When you open the "set" folder, you will see a list of files like the one below. Click "config" and open it with a text editor.

XenoPixel settings

When "config" opens, preparation is complete.

xenopixel config

2) How to change motion ON/OFF settings

XenoPixel can be turned on/off by motion action.

At present (June 2022), motion ON supports 3 patterns: stub, twist, and swing, and motion OFF supports 2 patterns: stub and twist.

To enable or disable each motion action, please change the status settings below.

Xenopixel customization

Interpretation of each status

StabPwrOn: Motion ON in stub
StabPwrOff: Motion OFF at stub
TwistPwrOn: Motion ON with twist
TwistPwrOff: Motion OFF when twisting
SwingPwrOn: Motion ON in swing

Set it to 1 to enable it, and set it to 0 to disable it.

Setting Example)


This is valid because the motion ON status of the stub is set to 1, and disabled because the motion OFF status of the stub is set to 0.

2) How to change the maximum volume

To adjust the maximum volume, change both the ChannelVolumeMax and MixerVolumeMax statuses in config. The higher the setting value, the louder the volume.

Please note that increasing the output too much for either number may damage the speaker.

ChannelVolumeMax=8192 (Setting range: 1 to 16384)
MixerVolumeMax=1900 (Setting range: 1 to 4500)

Xenopixel volume

This content is a manual for firmware version DD08 (December 2022 version). Operations may differ slightly depending on the version. Please note.