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1 inch neopixel blade plug TypeA

1 inch neopixel blade plug TypeA

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Blade plug Type A for Neopixel.

Compatible with all neopixel lightsabers for LGT (excluding inhilt LED type).

For models with LEDs installed in the neopixel connector on the lightsaber side, please order a regular blade plug instead of a neopixel.

Verified list

  • LGTSabers neopixel connector
  • 89Sabers neopixel connector (*)
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL V2, NPXL V3

*2021 models and later have been verified. Anything before that is unverified.

Product Specifications

Diameter: 25.4mm (1 inch)
Blade thickness: 2mm
Material: Polycarbonate
Length: Approximately 48mm (including the length of the protrusion: approximately 72mm)


  • This is a blade plug only and does not include a lightsaber.
  • Price per item.
  • Please note that it cannot be used with RGB LED lightsabers.
  • We are not responsible for products that are incompatible or damaged due to misuse.

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