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Graflex MB Sabers - TFA edition

Graflex MB Sabers - TFA edition

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GRAFLEX TFA model custom lightsaber.

We customized MetalMaster 2.0 and MB emitter to the customer-supplied MB Graflex.

Piping and weathering are applied, and a second crystal is installed inside the plasma gate. Since we use natural crystals, the light is beautifully diffused throughout the gate while providing natural reflection.


  • Hilt: TGS GEN2
  • Chassis: MB-Sabers Metal2.0
  • Sound board: CFv9 (no change)
  • LED: Cree-XPE2 BBW (no change)
  • speaker: 28mm 4ohm3w (no change)
  • Charging method: 1.3mm charge port


  • lightsaber body
  • blade plug
  • Surplus parts due to specification changes
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