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KR Sabers Kylo Ren Crossguard

KR Sabers Kylo Ren Crossguard

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This is a product with KR's Kylo model installed by us.

The KRORSSGUARD used for installation was designed by KR, and the weathering coating was a collaboration between The Proplicator .

I used Profieboard 2.2 for installation with 2 switches. By creating settings, we have recreated Kylo Ren's actions in the work, such as the side blade's delay action and unstable effects.

There is no abnormality in the operation of this product, but it is treated as B grade. The standard screw hole for the main blade was on the side, but there was a problem that made it difficult to tighten the screws, so we re-drilled it on the front. In addition, there is some peeling of the paint in some areas, although it is not noticeable due to the copper plating on the base.


Hilt: KR Sabers Kylo Ren KRORSSGUARD
Sound board:Proffieboard2.2(FW ProffieOS 6.5~)
LED: NeoPixel RGB (NPXL connector x 3)
battery: KEEPPOWER 18650 type battery 3200mah PSE certified
speaker:28mm 4ohm3w
Charging method: Removable charging method


  • lightsaber body
  • Neopixel side blade x2
  • operation manual
*Main blade is not included. Compatible with 1 inch
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