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KR Sabers - ROTJ V2

KR Sabers - ROTJ V2

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Luke Skywalker EP6 V2 model custom lightsaber.

We install and customize Hilt released by KRSabers.

The battery is equipped with a 21700 large capacity battery that exceeds the 18650 standard, allowing for even longer continuous use.

The speaker is separated, making it easy to use and allows stress-free access to the charge port and board.

Also, since you cannot use a regular neopixel blade, we will create a special one for you. The included special blade is firmly fixed, so it can also be used for chambara.

The board uses Profieboard 2.2, which has a variety of functions.
Motion action (ON/OFF) is set as twist/twist.
If you wish, we will rewrite it and ship it, so please feel free to contact us.

■Specification Hilt: KR Sabers (thesaberarmory)
Soundboard: Profieboard2.2 (FW applies the latest version at the time of shipment after 5.9)
LED color: NeoPixel RGB (using connector NXPL with LED)
Speaker: 28mm 4ohm 2-3w speaker.
Battery: 21700 5000mah large capacity battery Charging method: 1.3mm charge port type

■Accessories ・Main body ・Blade plug (Hilt accessory)
・Pommel option parts (Hilt accessories)
・Dedicated neopixel blade (dedicated blade for KRV2)
・Charger ・Operation manual

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