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Graflex MB Sabers - ANH edition

Graflex MB Sabers - ANH edition

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GRAFLEX ANH model custom lightsaber.

Installed on MB's neopixel compatible metal chassis.

Weathering has been applied to the entire chassis, and crystals have been installed in two locations: the crystal chamber and inside the plasma gate.
Furthermore, since we use natural crystals, they diffuse light very beautifully.

It's made of metal, including the interior, so it feels heavy, but it's sturdy so I think you can use it with light chamberers without any problems.

Hilt: RomanProps FLASHGUN 4

Chassis: MB-Sabers Metal
Sound board:Proffieboard2.2(FW ProffieOS 6.3)
LED: NeoPixel RGB (NPXL v3 connector)
battery: KEEPPOWER 18650 type battery PSE certified
speaker:28mm 4ohm3w
Charging method: 1.3mm charge port (battery can be removed)

■Contents Lightsaber body Blade plug Operation manual

We also manufacture and order other lightsabers.
Please feel free to contact us.

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