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SMP - Watto's Junkyard Mr.Tyranus

SMP - Watto's Junkyard Mr.Tyranus

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This is a custom Dooku model lightsaber.

I installed it using Hilt from Watto's Junkyard.
Constructed from materials such as chrome-plated steel, brass, and aluminum, the Hilt has a sense of weight and I was surprised by the uncompromising quality of the details.

I used Profieboard 2.2 for installation with 1 switch type.
Neopixel LED is installed in the speaker hole and 3mm red LED is installed in the clear red plastic part.
The speaker LED has a pattern that rotates like a high-speed turbine as the lightsaber is activated, and the red LED can also be used as an indicator.
The chassis is removable with a connector, so access to the board is excellent.

Compared to a hilt made only of aluminum, it feels heavier, so I don't think it's suitable for intense chambara.
Please note.

Hilt: Watto's Junkyard Mr.Tyranus
Sound board:Proffieboard2.2(FW ProffieOS 6.3)
LED: NeoPixel RGB (NPXL v3 connector)
battery: KEEPPOWER 18650 type battery 3120mah PSE certified
speaker:22mm 4ohm3w
Charging method: 2.1mm charge port

■Contents - Lightsaber body - Complete set of hilt accessories - Blade plug - Pommel cap (with ventilation hole - already installed at the time of shipment)
- Pommel cap (no ventilation hole)
·operation manual

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