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SMP - Vader's Vault Kylanquish

SMP - Vader's Vault Kylanquish

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This is the Vanquish Elite special edition version of Vader's Vault.

At the client's request, we removed the new chassis and installed the original chassis.

・Uses KEYSTONE genuine double spring battery box

・Implemented an original chassis based on the old VV chassis after CAD design.

・Ensure accessibility to the board with removable speakers

・Applying the latest FW10.006F enables more flashy blade effects

■Product specifications Hilt: Vader's Vault Vanquish Elite
Sound board: CFX (MK1) FW:10.006F
Speaker: 22mm 4ohm2W Speaker battery: VV standard 3120mah 18650 battery Charging method: Removable charging method

■Accessories Lightsaber body Neopixel blade Neopixel side blade x 2

Other accessories at the time of purchase (license card, wrench, etc.)

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