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Luke Skywalker 'Creepy Uncle' lightsaber.

This is a hilt designed by Denis Lukyanov based on the EP8 HERO model .

Due to its structure, the blade tends to be inserted shallowly with this narrow-necked hilt, but its biggest feature is that it has a depth of approximately 22mm, so it can also be used for chambers.

The installation was carried out by us and we used Goth's Master Class Chassis.

The metal parts around the crystal are smoked to highlight the details of the chassis.

An OLED monitor is installed on the back of the crystal. In addition to displaying information based on actions, it is also useful when checking the remaining battery level.

Although it is equipped with a crystal chamber, the battery is removable. When you remove the pommel, the battery part can be removed like a cartridge, so you can charge and replace the battery without stress.

It has all the trending features of a crystal, OLED monitor, removable battery, high volume and custom lightsaber. Please come and experience it for yourself.


  • Hilt: Luke Skywalker 'Creepy Uncle'
  • Sound board:Proffieboard2.2(FW ProffieOS 6.5~)
  • LED: NeoPixel RGB (NPXL v3 connector)
  • battery: KEEPPOWER 18650 type battery 3200mah PSE certified
  • speaker:28mm 4ohm3w
  • Charging method: Removable battery method


  • lightsaber body
  • neopixel blade
  • blade plug
  • Pommel cap (with ventilation holes, installed at the time of shipment)
  • Pommel cap (no ventilation holes)
  • operation manual
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