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Watto's Junkyard - Tusken Slayer(GEN2)

Watto's Junkyard - Tusken Slayer(GEN2)

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Watto's Junkyard Tusken Slayer

This is Watto's Junkyard's Tusken Slayer (Anakin EP2 model).

The board uses the high performance board CFX. CFX is also used by SaberTrio and Vader's Vault, and has functions such as smooth swing, color change, and effect change, and can be changed by rewriting the SD, so it is a board recommended for everyone from beginners to advanced users.

The chassis is Goth's master chassis. Equipped with OLED and a crystal chamber, all parts that can be made of metal are made of metal. Reinforced plastic is used for areas where metal cannot be used, such as near the battery box. The reinforced plastic part has been given a metallic coating to match the brass, so it doesn't look inferior to the brass part.

Although Tusken Slayer has very high reproducibility from the movie, I don't think it is suitable for chambara because the depth when the blade is attached is shallow. Please note.

Hilt: Watto's Junkyard Tusken Slayer

Chassis: Goth-Master
Sound board: CFX
LED: NeoPixel RGB (NPXL v2 connector)
battery: KEEPPOWER 18650 type battery 3200mah PSE certified
speaker:24mm 4ohm3w
Charging method: Removable battery method

■Contents - Lightsaber body - Complete set of Hilt accessories - Blade plug - Pommel cap (with ventilation hole - already installed at the time of shipment)
- Pommel cap (no ventilation hole)
・Operation manual (sent as pdf)

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