ELF FULCRUM supplementary material

1.First of all

This is a supplementary page for ELF FULCRUM.

This page describes how to remove the chassis and how to fix the blade.

2. How to fix the blade

When installing the blade, please use the included battle emitter.


Figure 1-1. Battle emitter


Figure 1-2. Accurate emitter (plug) installed


Figure 1-3. Battle emitter installed

3. How to remove the chassis

3.1. Short type

In the case of the short type, the chassis can be removed by removing the gray screw near the D-ring.


Figure 2-1. Chassis removal screw


Figure 2-2. Chassis removed (short type)

3.1. Long type

For the long type, the chassis can be removed by removing the gray screw and bellows near the D-ring. The bellows part is attached with a magnet.


Figure 3-1. Chassis removal screw


Figure 3-2. Chassis removal screw removed


Figure 3-3. With screws and bellows (magnet) removed


Figure 3-4. Chassis removed (long type)

4. About the kill switch

This model is equipped with a kill switch.

It is set to the OFF side at the time of shipment to prevent malfunction, so please set it to the ON side when in use.

We also recommend setting it to the OFF side if it will not be used for a long period of time.


Figure 4-1. Kill switch

5. About the operation method

Please refer to the 1-button method page below.

■Proffieboard2.2 model operation method

6. Precautions

6.1. Precautions for use and handling of lithium-ion batteries

Custom lightsabers can be used safely and for a long time by carefully following the usage instructions and precautions. Please be sure to check the following page and use the product safely and correctly.

■Precautions for use

7. Contact and support

If you have any questions about the product or its contents, please contact us using the form below.
We will usually respond to the email address you provided within two business days.

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