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This is LUKE HERO made by ELF SABERS.

We have three types available: HERO EP6 Model V1, and the Mandalorian Model (with/without weathering).

The bellows pattern is uneven in V1, while the Mandalorian version has a uniform pattern.

The chassis is an all-in-one type with a kill switch that can be removed from the pommel side, allowing you to smoothly change the board settings and charge it.

Product Specifications

LED lighting method Neopixel
Button Specifications 2 Buttons
Button section

V1: Control box slide switch

MANDO: LED arrow part

Mounting board Proffieboard V2.2
Built-in speaker 22mm 4Ω 3W speaker
Charging method Removable battery system
Battery standards and specifications 18650 type KEEPPOWER CELL (PSE certified)
Blade inch 1 inch
Hilt Size Approx. 28cm


  • Saver body
  • Blade plug
  • Charger
  • Neopixel Blade

Other notes

Since the V1 is a slide-type switch, it cannot be pressed simultaneously. Therefore, please note that actions that occur from pressing the buttons simultaneously cannot be used. It is also possible to set it as a one-button type, so if you would like this, please write it in the comments section when purchasing.

Functions list

  • Smooth swing function
  • Flash-on-crash feature
  • Motion action (twist ON/OFF)
  • blaster action function
  • Lock-up function
  • Stub function
  • Multi blast function
  • Melt function
  • drag function
  • BGM playback function
  • RGB color change function
  • Volume change function
  • Lightning block function
  • battle mode 2.0

operation manual:

Proffieboard Model Operation Manual

Other notes

・As all products are made overseas, there may be minor scratches. If you are nervous, we recommend that you avoid purchasing.

・It will be sent in the manufacturer's presentation box, but the box may have damage such as dents and tears during shipping from overseas.

・Chassis design (color) and other accessories may change slightly depending on the season.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jack Caplan
My Thoughts and Review of Elf - Hero and SyberSabers

Honestly, best lightsaber customer service ever. They agreed to take out some fonts that I didn’t like and replaced them with a few custom fonts that I sent them. I can’t say anything else, but I’m grateful for them being able to do this. This is without mentioning how beautifully crafted and installed the saber is, which makes my order of this hilt feels so right for me. As I’ve been a Star Wars fan since 3 years old, and still am to this day. I love the character of Luke Skywalker and I like the different variations of his lightsabers throughout Return of the Jedi. This was the last installed Luke hilt from Return of the Jedi that I needed to complete my collection, and it feels right at home. I can’t thank SyberSabers enough for allowing me to get this saber a bit customized when regarding the sound fonts. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really do mean my thanks to them, as they helped my collection of lightsabers become complete.

Thank you for your kind words and 5-star review!

We're glad that we were able to accommodate your request for custom sound fonts and that you're happy with the final result. Our goal is to create lightsabers that are not only beautifully crafted but also reflect the unique preferences of our customers.

It's heartwarming to know that this Luke Skywalker hilt holds a special place in your collection and completes your set of Return of the Jedi variations. We're thrilled to have played a part in fulfilling your lifelong passion for Star Wars.

Your gratitude means the world to us, and we're so happy that we could help you achieve your dream collection.

May the Force be with you, always!

Takahiro Honda


ELF製のこのモデルはヒルトが約500g と89製のもの800g(他サイト)より軽いです。内部シャーシもスピーカー(ヒルトの下部に来る方)を重くしてありす。これらのおかげでルークの劇中の持ち手で握ることができ、コントロールボックスのボタンもブレードを付けた状態で片手で操作することが可能です。以前所持していたLGT製のものはこれができませんでした。

スギヤマ ワタル


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