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end of production. The successor models are as follows.

Custom lightsaber Qui-Gon model LGT QUI V2

Description of item:

This is a custom lightsaber inspired by Qui-Gon EP1.
Although they are models from the movie, the Qui-Gon EP1 model and Obi-Wan EP1 model (LGT OBI1) have no decorations or protrusions, and their simple shapes make them easy to grip, so they are also recommended for spin and combat purposes.

Product specifications:

Button specifications 1 button
button part LED button
button LED can be
cover tech wheels can be
Charging method

Charge port method

→Type-C method (2023/06~)

Battery standards and specifications KEEPPOWER 18650 type lithium ion battery
speaker standards 24mm size 4Ω 2~3W
blade inches 1 inch
hilt size Approximately 30.5cm


    • saver body
    • blade
    • charging cable
    • blade fixed wrench
    • clear acrylic stand
    • blade plug

      Functions list

      ■About the functions and characteristics of each class
      ■How to operate each class


      ・All products are inspected before being sent to you, but as they are manufactured overseas, there may be minor scratches. If you are concerned about the details, we recommend that you refrain from purchasing.

      ・The design and color tone of the chassis may change slightly depending on the season.

      -For models that come with a vanity case, the item will be delivered in the vanity box. However, cosmetic boxes may be scratched or dented due to friction or impact during overseas transportation. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

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