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Korbanth - MALAK

Korbanth - MALAK

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Korbanth (LDM) Darth Malak model custom lightsaber.

We are installing a hilt purchased from Korbanth.
The board uses Profieboard 2.2 and the latest FW is applied, so various actions including motion actions can be performed.

The speaker part is designed to be easily removable, so
It has an extremely user-friendly design with easy charging, SD and USB access.
The speaker uses a 22mm 3W specification and is placed directly below the pommel to achieve high volume.

Sound board:Proffieboard2.2(FW ProffieOS5.9~)
LED: NeoPixel RGB
battery: 18650 3.7v 3120mAh
speaker:22mm 4ohm3w

■Contents Lightsaber body Blade plug Fast charger Operation manual

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