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89Sabers OWK1

89Sabers OWK1

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Obi-Wan EP1 model OWK1. Three LEDs near the emitter transmit the light of the blade color. Although it is a model with specifications in the movie, it is also suitable for combat (chambara) as it has few protrusions and decorations on the grip part.

The board is installed with Profieboard 2.2 , and you can experience Neo Pixel at a reasonable price while having basic functions such as smooth swing, blaster, and lock-up.

Product specifications

LED lighting method neopixel method
Button specifications 2 buttons
button part Red button on neck, gold button
Mounting board Proffieboard2.2
Built-in speaker 22mm 4Ω3W speaker
Charging method Removable battery method
Battery standards and specifications 18650 type KEEPPOWER CELL ( PSE certified)
blade inches 1 inch


    • lightsaber body
    • Blade plug*
    • neopixel blade
    • saver stand
    • String case for lightsaber

    *The blade plug color has been changed to gold since November 2022.

    If you do not have a charger, we recommend purchasing the following as well. (see remarks)

    2A compatible fast charger XTAR SC1


    About the charger

    The charger that comes standard with 89Sabers models has a slow charging speed and may not be compatible with KEEPPOWER (battery with protection circuit).

    If you do not have a charger, we recommend purchasing the following as well.
    2A compatible fast charger XTAR SC1

    About connecting/removing the chassis

    Please see below for installation and removal methods.

    89Sabers chassis connection method

    Functions list

    • Smooth swing function
    • Flash-on-crash feature
    • Motion action (twist ON/OFF)
    • blaster action function
    • Lock-up function
    • Stub function
    • Multi blast function
    • Melt function
    • drag function
    • BGM playback function
    • RGB color change function
    • Volume change function
    • Lightning block function
    • battle mode 2.0

    operation manual:

    Proffieboard Model Operation Manual

    Other notes

    ・As all products are made overseas, there may be minor scratches. If you are nervous, we recommend that you avoid purchasing.

    ・It will be shipped in the manufacturer's presentation box, but the box may have dents, tears, or other damage during shipping from overseas.

    ・Chassis design (color) and other accessories may change slightly depending on the season.

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