Regarding precautions

Custom lightsabers can be used safely and for a long time by carefully following the usage instructions and precautions. First, please check the following page and use it safely and correctly.

Precautions for use

About accessories, blade connection, and charging method

Explanations about the included items, how to connect the blade, and how to charge are described in the basic manual below.

Custom Lightsaber Basic Manual | Usage and Accessories Guide

About the operation method

The operation method differs depending on the board installed in the custom lightsaber.
Please refer to the page below according to the specifications.

■How to operate the Inhilt LED model

■How to operate the XenoPixel model

■How to operate the XENO3 model

■Proffieboard2.2 model operation method

■How to operate the GHV3 model

89SABERS supplementary page

The following page describes how to connect the connector type chassis implemented in 89SABERS products. Please check the direction of the pins before making connections.

About the chassis connection method for 89SABERS models

Contact and support

If you have any questions about the product or its contents, please contact us using the form below.
We will usually respond to the email address you provided within two business days.

■Contact us